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The site is changing to show more priority to the music. The Upfront charts have been ramping up viewings and the new domains ‘upfrontmusiccharts.co.uk’ and ‘upfrontcharts.co.uk’ have been added to our ranks to allow us to become the leading site in the UK to advise new music in the studios and pre-release so that you are able to be on the case with your own collections and shows if you perform.

We have had enquiries from Italy, Spain, USA Singapore and Hawaii.

You can send your mp3’s to us direct to bring them to the attention of the UK music buying public and the record companies for consideration. See home page for all contact details.

The power of the internet is awesome...

 If you see a track listed in the charts page that you would like to get, call or e-mail, I may be able to help you get a copy.





I am currently available to do Remixes, Production, and Editing as DJ Nelly B.

With a target of producing tracks that can easily cross into the Pop Commercial market that can be advantageous to all genres.

Call or email if you have a project that I can assist with.